Leading-edge diagnostic tools

X-Ray at Winchester Hospital

The experts at Winchester Hospital use the latest X-ray technology to get a closer look at bones and soft tissue inside the body. Our team uses these images to diagnose a range of health problems. We offer the following types of X-ray imaging:

  • Radiographs (still images)
  • Fluoroscopy (real-time images that capture movement)

X-Ray with Contrast

For some X-ray exams, we use a contrast material. These materials help outline structures in an image, such as bone or tissue. If needed, you either drink the contrast or it is given as an IV injection.

Preparing for an X-Ray Exam

Before Your X-Ray

Most types of X-ray don’t require special preparation. If you need to prepare for your X-ray, you’ll get instructions from your doctor and X-ray team.

During Your X-Ray

We position your body in a way that allows us to get the most accurate pictures. The position depends on which part of your body we need to examine. During the imaging process, you need to remain still for several seconds.

X-rays are safe and effective. However, with any X-ray imaging, you’ll be exposed to minimal doses of radiation.

After Your X-Ray

Once we’ve successfully captured diagnostic images, a radiologist analyzes them and then shares the results with your referring doctor. Your doctor then contacts you to discuss the findings.

Conditions We Treat 

Your doctor may recommend an X-ray to help diagnose a health condition. You may need an X-ray if you have a condition affecting any of these areas of your body:
  • Bones
  • Internal organs
  • Joints
  • Lungs

Services & Specialities

Providers throughout Winchester Hospital may order an X-ray as part of your diagnosis or treatment plan. We collaborate with these providers to help you get care when you need it.