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Volunteering at Winchester Hospital

Donate your time to patients, employees and visitors

Make a Difference - Volunteer

At Winchester Hospital, our volunteers play an important role in patient care and staff support. Without them, our hospital just wouldn’t be the same.

Since our inception, volunteers have played a pivotal role in our mission to deliver exceptional patient care. In fact, Winchester Hospital was founded by volunteers – the local Visiting Nurse Association – in 1911. Today, we’re supported by approximately 800 volunteers every year.

View our adult and junior volunteer programs.

Find Your Passion

No matter your background or level of experience, there’s a volunteer opportunity waiting for you at Winchester Hospital. When you decide to volunteer, you become part of a team that lives our mission and values every day.

Volunteers support our organization across a variety of roles and departments, including:

  • Interpreter services
  • Endoscopy
  • Maternity
  • Gift shop

If you’re at least 14-years-old, you're passionate about helping others, and you’re considering volunteering, we want to hear from you.