Adult Volunteer Program

Volunteer at Winchester Hospital

At Winchester Hospital, our adult volunteers support our hospital, employees, and patients in a variety of ways. No matter your background or level of experience, there’s a volunteer opportunity waiting for you at Winchester Hospital.

Volunteer Opportunities

Some of the adult volunteer work at Winchester Hospital includes assignment such as:

  • Assisting in various patient care areas
  • Performing clerical duties
  • Helping with patient discharges
  • Transporting supplies across the hospital
  • Delivering flowers to patients
  • Staffing reception desks and greeting patients
  • Spending time with patients and their family

Not all volunteer opportunities require patient contact. If you prefer a volunteer role that doesn't require patient contact, we can still offer you many opportunities at our hospital or one of our off-site locations.

Apply To Volunteer

If you’re interested in becoming an adult volunteer at Winchester Hospital, complete our Adult Volunteer Application.

For questions or additional information, please contact our Volunteer Office via email or by phone at 781-756-2625.

Adult Volunteer Application

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