Infectious Diseases

Also known as Infection Control

Routine care and prevention services for infectious diseases

Infectious Disease Care at Winchester Hospital

Whether you have an emergency or need help managing an ongoing infection, our specialists can help. At Winchester Hospital, our infectious disease specialists provide the highest level of care for people with infections. These include infections caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. We also offer care to help prevent infections.

Routine Infectious Disease Care

Some infectious diseases require ongoing care. Our specialists can provide guidance on ways to manage or prevent infections to help you stay healthy. We offer antibiotic management counseling and vaccinations if you are traveling out of the country.

Weakened Immune Systems and Infectious Diseases

A weakened immune system increases the risk of infections. Chemotherapy and organ transplants are two common causes of weakened immune systems. If you are undergoing chemotherapy or an organ transplant, our infectious disease team can support your care. We work with your doctor to help manage your risk of infection.

Infectious Disease FAQs

When should you see an infectious disease specialist?

Your primary care doctor can treat many common infections. They may recommend you see an infectious disease specialist if:

  • Your infection is difficult to diagnose.
  • Your infection does not respond to treatment.

You should also see an infectious disease specialist if you are planning to travel to some locations outside the United States. We can recommend specific vaccinations to keep you healthy. We also provide other ways to help protect you from infection during your travels..

What can I expect from working with an infectious disease specialist?

Our infectious disease specialists often work behind the scenes while you’re receiving care. They may request certain tests to help identify a possible culprit of your infection. For example, they can test your blood for clues about the cause of your infection.

Once the cause of your infection is found, our infectious disease specialists can recommend the proper treatment. Medications can be delivered orally or through an IV directly into your veins.

Conditions We Treat

Our infectious disease specialists provide care for the following conditions:
  • Bacterial and viral infections
  • Chronic infections
  • such as HIV/AIDS
  • Infections in the setting of a weakened immune system
  • Parasitic infections
  • Surgical site infections

Meet Our Infectious Disease Specialists