MR Arthrogram

Cutting-edge tools for diagnosing joint problems

MR Arthrograms at Winchester Hospital

The specialists in the Imaging Center at Winchester Hospital diagnose joint problems using magnetic resonance (MR) arthrograms. To create clear images of your joints, these scans use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray technology and iodine as a contrast material. These help your doctor better understand your needs and recommend the right treatment.

Find Comfort at the Winchester Hospital Imaging Center

When you come for an imaging scan, our goal is to put you at ease. The center is comfortable with relaxing music. It offers natural, outdoor lighting from exterior windows and laser imagery to simulate a skylight ceiling.

You may have a friend or family member sit with you during the exam.

Scheduling an MR Arthrogram

MR arthrogram exams require a written or electronic order from your doctor before scheduling the appointment. Your doctor can fax the order to 781-756-4090. Your exam also may require preauthorization from your insurance carrier. Please check with your insurance company before scheduling an MR arthrogram.

What To Expect During an MR Arthrogram

There are three key parts of an MR arthrogram:

  1. A radiologist uses an X-ray to take an image of your joint. This helps locate and visualize your joint.
  2. After providing you with anesthetic to minimize discomfort, a radiologist injects iodine contrast material into your joint with a needle. This process takes up to 30 minutes.
  3. After the contrast agent has been injected, you're taken to a separate room for an MRI scan. Iodine lights up on an MRI, which creates a better image of your joint.

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Services & Specalties

MR arthrograms can be used to support your care in other areas, such as: