Children’s Asthma Management

Improving your child's ability to breathe

Children’s Asthma Management at Winchester Hospital

Winchester Hospital’s Community and Hospital Asthma Management Program (CHAMP) is an educational pediatric asthma program. This free program provides a team approach to managing children’s asthma.

What is CHAMP?

The purpose of CHAMP is to:

  • Reduce missed days from school
  • Reduce emergency visits and asthma-related inpatient admissions
  • Improve your child’s lung function
  • Educate your child and your family about asthma

Meet the CHAMP Care Team

Managing your child's asthma is a team effort. Your CHAMP team consists of:

  • Your child and family
  • Physician
  • Certified asthma educator or nurse
  • Inpatient pediatric staff
  • Licensed respiratory therapist
  • Emergency department staff
  • School nurse

How CHAMP Can Help

CHAMP can help you and your child learn more about:

  • Controlling exposure to factors that trigger asthma episodes
  • Collaborating with children, families, health care professionals and the public through education
  • Teaching children with asthma to become partners in their care
  • Effectively managing asthma with medicine
  • Using realistic measures of lung function to monitor asthma

What to Expect During CHAMP

CHAMP consists of:

  • Three home visits by a certified asthma educator
  • An individualized asthma action plan
  • Evaluation of and education about correct use of inhalers, spacers, peak flow meters and nebulizers
  • Providing your child and your family with a peak flow asthma diary/asthma signs diary
  • Involving school personnel and other care providers with your child’s asthma action plan and peak flow information

Services We Provide

Our team provides the following services:
  • Asthma diaries
  • Coordination with school personnel and care providers
  • Education on asthma medication
  • Education on controlling exposure to triggers
  • Empowering kids in their own care
  • Home visits
  • Individual action plan
  • Training on respiratory care tools

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When needed, your child’s pediatrician will work with other providers at Winchester Hospital to ensure your child has the care they need to feel their very best.