Virtual CT Scan Colonoscopy

Advanced imaging of the large intestine

Virtual CT Scan Colonoscopy Care

Colonoscopies are routine procedures that can help screen and diagnose digestive health conditions. Virtual CT scan colonoscopy uses computed tomography (CT) technology to create three-dimensional models of your bowel. This high-tech procedure creates a view of the large intestine that can’t be seen with a traditional colonoscopy.

Winchester Hospital’s CT services are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). That means our radiologists are experts at performing advanced virtual CT scan colonoscopies.

What to Expect During a Virtual CT Scan Colonoscopy

Before the Procedure

Preparing for a virtual CT scan colonoscopy is similar to a standard colonoscopy. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing on the day of your procedure. You are given a hospital gown to wear during the exam.

During the Procedure

You lie on your side on a CT scan exam table. We provide pillows for your comfort. To begin the procedure, a technologist inserts a tube into your rectum and gently pump air into your colon.

Once your colon is filled with air, a radiologist takes a CT scan of your bowel. The first picture is scanned while you lie flat on your back. The second is taken while you lie on your stomach. This process lasts about 45 minutes.

Most people report a feeling of fullness when the colon is filled with air, which may feel uncomfortable. The scanning procedure itself causes no pain or other symptoms. Virtual CT scan colonoscopies do not require an intravenous injection of contrast dyes.

After the Procedure

Some people have abdominal gas after a virtual CT scan colonoscopy. However, you can resume normal activities right after the exam, including eating and drinking.

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